Difference between Wet Clutch and Dry clutch

Clutch is a mechanical device used to transmit power between two shafts driving shaft and driven shaft. There are two different types of Clutches, Wet clutch, and dry clutch. A Wet clutch consists of oil between the clutch plates. The dry clutch doesn’t have oil in between the clutch plates. Wet Clutch A Wet clutch […]

Difference between Single Plate Clutch and Multi Plate Clutch

Here you can learn difference between single plate clutch and multi plate clutch. In this post you can learn about working of single plate and multi plate clutch. Single Plate Clutch Vs Multi Plate Clutch Single Plate Clutch Multi Plate Clutch 1.Single plate clutch consist of only one clutch plate. 1.Multi plate clutch consist of […]

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