Difference between Wet Clutch and Dry clutch

Clutch is a mechanical device used to transmit power between two shafts driving shaft and driven shaft. There are two different types of Clutches, Wet clutch, and dry clutch. A Wet clutch consists of oil between the clutch plates. The dry clutch doesn’t have oil in between the clutch plates.

Wet Clutch

A Wet clutch is dipped inside the oil and it has multi plates in case of cars. The oil in between the plates keeps the clutch clean and it gives long life for Clutch and smooth performance.


  • It has a wide friction zone.
  • It has a long life than a dry clutch.
  • The maintenance cost is less.
  • It has multiple clutch plates.

Dry Clutch

The dry clutch is not dipped in the oil and is placed outside of the engine casing. A dry clutch is a single plate clutch. It gets heated because there is no lubrication in it. Dry clutch is more noise. The maintenance cost of dry clutch is high.


  • It doesn’t re-curie any lubrication.
  • It is a single plate clutch.
  • It is cooled by the atmosphere.


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