How many types of Gearbox in automobile

What is Gearbox:

The gearbox is also known as the power transmission system in an automobile. The gearbox has a number of gears depending on the vehicles. It is placed after the clutch. The gearbox is used to transmit the speed of the vehicle according to the load condition. It is also known as the torque converter. There are different types of gearboxes in an automobile as follows.

Types of gearbox in an automobile.

There are 4 different types of gearbox are as follows.

  • Bevel gearbox.
  • Helical gearbox.
  • Spur gearbox.
  • Worm gearbox.

1. Bevel gearbox

Bevel gearbox is used to transmit power. The axles intersect at 90° in Bevel gearbox. The name bevel gearbox is derived from the gear design used in the gearbox. There are two types of Bevel gearbox. Straight Bevel Gearbox and Spiral Bevel gearbox. Bevel Gearbox consists of many diverse applications.

Uses of Bevel gearbox:

  • It is used in Automobiles.
  • It is used in differential drives.
  • It is used in Hand drills.
  • It is used in Steel plants.
  • It is used in Power plants.
  • It is used in Print press.

2. Helical gearbox

The helical gearbox is used in heavy-duty power transmission mechanical working machines. The gears in this gear box are in cut angel shape and it keeps gradual contact between the helical gear teeth. It provides smooth operation with out any noise. Helical gear produces a high amount of thrust.

Uses of Helical gearbox:

  • It is used in Elevators.
  • It is used in the Oil industry.
  • It is used in Cutters.
  • It is used in Blowers.

3. Spur gearbox

Spur gears are the most commonly used gears. It is used to transmit motion between two parallel shafts due to its shape. The teeth of the spur gear are straight and the tooth surface is parallel to the axes of the mounted shaft. Spur gear creates high noise due to colliding teeth of the gears.

Applications of Spur gear:

  • It is used in Power plant.
  • It is used in the Speed controller.
  • It is used in Construction.
  • It is used in Packaging.

4. Worm gearbox

Worm gearbox won the reputation to be the benchmark worldwide. It consists of a cast iron gear case. Worm drive transmits high torque. It has the capacity to bear high shock loads. It consists of three types of gears.

  1. Non-throated worm gears.
  2. Single throated worm gears.
  3. Double throated

Applications of Worm gearbox:

  • It is used in Mining.
  • It is used in Presses.
  • It is used in Rolling Mills.


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