Difference between Single Plate Clutch and Multi Plate Clutch

Here you can learn difference between single plate clutch and multi plate clutch. In this post you can learn about working of single plate and multi plate clutch.

Single Plate Clutch Vs Multi Plate Clutch

Single Plate ClutchMulti Plate Clutch
1.Single plate clutch consist of only one clutch plate.1.Multi plate clutch consist of number of clutch plates.
2.The pressure plate is bolted to the flywheel through the clutch springs.2.These plates are alternately fitted to the engine crank shaft and gearbox.
3.This clutch is free to operate.3.It requires some pressure applied on the clutch pedal.
4.In this the heat generation is very lass, so it does not require cooling medium. 4.Due to number of friction surface heat generation is high, so it requires cooling medium.
5.In Single plate clutch co-efficient of fiction is high.5.In this co-efficient of friction is less.
6.Single plate clutch is Dry type. 6.Multi plate clutches are Wet type.
7.This is used in trucks, buses, cars etc.7.This is used in motorcycles, racing cars and heavy commercial vehicles.


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