Where is the Clutch located

In this post you can get complete information about Clutch and where it is located.

A clutch is a mechanical device used to engage and disengage power transmission between driving shaft to driven shaft.

The Clutch is located between flywheel and the gearbox. It used to shift gears, high to low and low to high depending on the speed of the vehicle. A clutch pedal is placed left side of the steering.


Clutch mainly consist of Pressure plate, Clutch Disc, Pilot Bushings, Throw-out Bearing.

Clutch is used to connect two shafts and two shafts rotate with same speed. To reduce the load on the engine while moving clutch is used to engage and disengage engine with the gearbox.

Clutch is used to shift the gears in-order to increase or dis-crease the speed of the engine.


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