When to change the Clutch Plate of Car

Clutch plays a major roll in the transmission of gears and it connects the engine with the gearbox. Clutch wear and tears occur mainly depending on person driving and traffic.

Clutch slippage is the primary sign to change the clutch plate. When the engine rpm increases more than the vehicle speed it is because of a clutch problem. To check whether the clutch is in good condition first switch off your car engine then apply brake lock then start the engine and shift to third gear without disengaging the hand break, if the vehicle begins to stall without accelerating then the clutch is good condition. If the clutch is not in good condition the vehicle will not stall even after removing the clutch pedal completely. Then you have to change clutch plate.

Problems raised when clutch plate damaged

  • Slippage is the primary problem.
  • Vehicle fuel economy will be decreased.
  • Chirping noise is created during shifting the gears.
  • There is a problem with shifting the gears.
  • Reducing vehicle speed.


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