Types of Clutches in Automobile

Here you can easily learn about Types of Clutches Used in Automobile industries. These different types of Clutches are used in all automobiles like bikes, cars, and buses etc.

Clutch is a mechanical device which is engaging and disengage power from the engine to the transmission (Gear Box).

Single Plate Clutch

Single plate clutch is the most common type of clutch plate used in automobiles. It consists only one clutch plate which is mounted on the splines of the clutch plate. The Flywheel is mounted on the engine crankshaft and rotates with it.

The pressure plate is bolted to the flywheel through clutch springs and is free to slide (Move) on the clutch shaft when the clutch pedal is operated (Engage and Disengage).

When the clutch is engaged (Means when you not pressed clutch pedal), the clutch plate is gripped between the flywheel and pressure plate.

When the clutch is disengaged (Means when you pressed clutch pedal), the pressure plate moves back against the force of the springs, and the clutch plate becomes free between the flywheel and the pressure plate.

Line Diagram

Line Diagram of Single Plate Clutch

Multi-Plate Clutch

Multi-Plate Clutch consists of a number of clutch plates instead of only one clutch plate like in the Single plate clutch.

Friction surface also increased because of a number of clutch plates. Because of a number of friction surfaces, The capacity of the clutch to transmit torque is also increased.

Line Diagram

line diagram of Multi-Plate Clutch

Cone Clutch

Cone clutch consists of friction surfaces in the form of a cone.

The engine crankshaft consists of a female cone. The male cone is mounted on the splined clutch shaft. Cone clutch has friction surfaces on the conical portion.

Line diagram of Cone Clutch

Dog & Spline Clutch

This type of clutch is used to lock two shafts together or to lock gear to the shaft. It is also called a positive clutch.

Dog and Spline clutch consists of a sleeve having two sets of internal splines. It slides on a splined shaft with smallest diameter splines. The bigger diameter splines match with the external dog clutch teeth on the driving shaft.

Centrifugal Clutch

Centrifugal clutch uses centrifugal force instead of spring force. This clutch is always in engaged position.

And it does not have a clutch pedal to operate it. Centrifugal clutch is automatically operated with engine speed.

Semi Centrifugal Clutch

Semi Centrifugal clutches used in high powered engines and racing car engines where clutch disengagements require appreciable and tiresome drivers effort.

Electromagnetic Clutch

An electromagnetic clutch is a clutch (a mechanical device for transmitting rotation) that is engaged and disengaged by an electromagnetic actuator. In Electromagnetic clutch, the flywheel consists of winding. The current is supplied to the winding from battery or dynamo.


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