What to do if the windscreen shatters

Can Cracked Windshields Shatter

Here you can get the windscreen shatters. Here we provide Can Cracked Windshields Shatter, Stay Safe on The Road, Types of screen and Laminated glass, etc.

Your windshield is that the only thing separating you from bugs, road debris and everything that bounces up and over your car while driving down the road. It’s made up of layered and laminated safety glass, but it’s designed to crack instead of break when it comes into contact with a fast-moving object. Of course, like most things, your windshield isn’t foolproof.

Can Cracked Windshields Shatter?

Windshields are made up of laminated safety glass that won’t break like regular window panes, but can they shatter? The short answer is yes, but it’s not going to forced an entry thousands of sharp little pieces and fall under your lap while you’re driving down the highway.

What will happen is, after a big impact, the windshield will find yourself covered in spiderweb cracks which will obscure your line of sight. You would possibly not have a lap filled with glass, but you won’t be ready to see where you’re going. This may turn your car or truck into a blind projectile, hurtling into whatever is in your path.

A small crack or chip can expand exponentially. Once you see a touch bit of damage, it doesn’t take much to grow into something that blocks your view of the road entirely.

What to Do if Your Windshield Shatters

If your windshield shatters when you’re behind the wheel, the primary thing you would like to try to to is carefully hamper and stop your vehicle — especially if the broken glass is obscuring your vision. activate your hazard lights, and use rear view and side mirrors or look out your windows so you’ll safely navigate. take care — within the us alone, there’s a mean of 208 crashes for each 100 million vehicles. You don’t want to be one among those statistics.

If possible, pull in somewhere you’ll leave your vehicle until you’ll catch on towed or have the windshield replaced. Some services will come to you, regardless of where you’re . If you’ve got comprehensive insurance, you’ll even be ready to get your windshield replaced for free of charge . Some policies will cover a particular number of replacements without having to pay a deductible.

Finally, keep an in depth eye on your windshield. you’ll easily prevent it from shattering by staying on top of any damage you see and repairing or replacing it as necessary.

Stay Safe on The Road

Your windshield is that the biggest barrier between you and every one the debris on the road. When unmarred, it’s strong and can serve its purpose, but one crack or chip can compromise the fragile structural integrity of the layered glass. Stay safe by repairing any chips or cracks quickly, or replace the windshield if they grow overlarge . If your windshield does shatter while driving, don’t panic. Just carefully steer your car off the road and out of traffic, and either have it towed or call a service to exchange the windshield on the spot. Whatever you are doing , don’t drive a car with a broken windshield, especially if it’s obstructing your view of the road. Get to safety and make the needed repairs. You’ll be back on the highway in no time.

Types of screen

There are two sorts of safety glass utilized in the manufacture of windscreens – laminated and toughened. safety glass is, because the name implies, two thin sheets of glass separated by a transparent plastic sheet – a lamina. This lamina prevents shards of glass flying into the car within the event of an accident.

When struck by a flying stone the foremost common cause of windscreen breakage – a laminated screen doesn’t shatter, it always simply ‘stars’ at the purpose of contact. If small cracks run from now , they’ll spread when the screen is in direct sunlight.

The second sort of glass, toughened, is formed employing a special heat-treatment technique which puts the glass under stress in order that when struck, it crazes into thousands of small granular shapes. The resulting ‘crystals’ are far less likely to cause injury than the sharp splinters that result when ordinary glass breaks. However, the screen is left virtually opaque, especially at night; to beat this, manufacturers now make the glass in order that the zone directly ahead of the driving force fractures into larger crystals, through which some view of the road are often maintained.

Most new cars have a laminated screen, but budget-priced models should have toughened glass windscreens. to get which your car has, check the specification, or ask the dealer or manufacturer.

Toughened screens

Toughened glass is formed by heat treating and selectively cooling the raw glass in order that the inner and outer skins of the screen are per-stressed quite the center of the section.

Later toughened screens have a special shatter pattern ahead of the driver to permit some vision when the glass is broken.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is simply that—lamination (layers) of glass and plastic. These screens are made by placing two thin skins of glass either side of an inner clear plastic sheet. The result’s that albeit the glass does break, the plastic sheet holds it together and helps to minimize injury by preventing sharp edges from standing pleased with the surface.

If a windscreen is laminated, it normally carries a label to mention so.

How to react

A windscreen can shatter with quite bang, which adds to the shock of things . the primary thing to recollect isn’t to panic and hit the brakes hard. If braked severely, the car could pull to at least one side or the other, and with no clear forward vision, this alone could end in an accident.

By taking your foot off the accelerator and gently braking you would possibly be ready to see tolerably to tug up more slowly but in safety and without drama. If you can’t see tolerably you’ll need to make a hole within the shattered glass. Hit the screen with the heel of your hand, holding the fingers outstretched. This ensures that the opening you produce are going to be large enough to ascertain through, and reduces the danger of injury to your hand.

Once you’ve got stopped the car and parked it safely off the road, it is best to not drive on because your forward vision is impaired. you’re also sitting behind a frame filled with broken glass that would easily fall in and cause injury.


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