What is Magneto Ignition System and How It Works?

Magneto Ignition System

Here is the complete information about Magneto Ignition System. Here we provides to Magneto Ignition System of working principle, Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages ect.

The Magneto Ignition System is a unique kind of Ignition System which has its own source to generate the necessary amount of energy for an automobile or a vehicle to work.

Magneto Ignition System

A magneto ignition system or high-tension magneto is an ignition system that makes use of magneto to create excessive voltage for the generation of power. The power generated is similarly used to run vehicles and other electrical additives in the system.

The magneto is a combination of a distributor and generator built as one unit, making it different from the conventional distributor that creates spark power with out outside voltage. There is a chain of rotating magnets that break an electrical field, inflicting an electrical modern in the coil’s number one windings. The current charge will then multiply while it transfers to the coil’s secondary windings. This is because there are many extra times the number of windings in the secondary circuit as compared with the only in the primary circuit, which then causes the accelerated rate magneto to provide a spark at a higher voltage than changed into created in the primary windings.

In maximum cases, magneto gadget can produce voltage as excessive as 20,000, which end result to very warm spark that a traditional distributor can

The feature of a magneto gadget is to apply a magneto to provide modern for the ignition gadget which powers the spark plug that similarly ignites the fuel-air combination in the combustion chamber. another feature of the magneto gadget is achieved with the aid of using the spark plug as heat can use up via the gadget. the gadget additionally reasons ionization to be measured in the cylinders.

Working Principle Of Magneto Ignition System

The working principle of this ignition system is just like the working principle of coil or battery ignition system except that in it magneto is used to provide electricity however now no longer the battery. Here are the following scenarios that occur in it.

  1. When engine in the system starts it assist magneto to rotate and thereby generating the electricity in the shape of excessive voltage.
  2. The one end of the magneto is grounded through contact breaker and the ignition capacitor is connected to it parallel.
  3. The contact breaker is regulated by the cam and while the breaker is open, current flows through the condenser and charges it.
  4. As the condenser is performing like a charger now, the primary present day flow is decreased thereby reducing the overall magnetic field generated in the system. This will increase the voltage in the condenser.
  5. This extended excessive voltage in the condenser will act as an  EMF thereby generating the spark on the proper spark plug thru the distributor.
  6. At the initial stage, the speed of the engine is low and subsequently the voltage generated with the aid of using the magneto is low however because the rotating velocity of the engine will increase, it additionally will increase the voltage generated with the aid of using the magneto and flow of the present day is likewise extended. To kick begin the engine, we will use an outside supply which includes the battery to keep away from the gradual begin of the engine.

Components of magneto ignition system

Below are the functional components that aid the working of magneto ignition system in various applications:


The magneto is the source of power technology in the magneto ignition system. it’s typically a small generator that works on electricity as it produces a voltage while circled via way of means of the engine. This is to say, the better the rotation, the more the voltage produced via way of means of the system. The system has no outside supply of power and does not want one to begin it, the magneto itself is a supply for generating power. The winding in the system is of sorts which include; primary binding and secondary binding.

Depending on the engine rotation, the magneto is of three types;

  • Magnet rotating type
  • Armature rotating type
  • Polar inductor type

The distributor components used in the magneto ignition system can also be found in the multi-cylinder engine. This multi-cylinder engines are used for the regulation of spark in the right sequence in the spark plug. It causes the surge of the ignition to be distributed uniformly among the spark plugs.


The distributor components used in the magneto ignition system can also be located in the multi-cylinder engine. This multi-cylinder engines are used for the law of spark in the proper collection in the spark plug. It reasons the surge of the ignition to be distributed uniformly a few of the spark plugs.

Distributors are of two types which include;

  • Gap type, and
  • Carbon brush type distributor.

In the gap type distributors, the electrode of the rotor arm is close to the distributor cap but is in contact. This eliminates the occurrence of wear in the electrode. While in the carbon brush type, the rotor arm sliding over the metallic segment carries the carbon brush that is placed inside the distributor cap or molded insulating material. With this, an electric connection is created with the spark plug.

Spark plug

The spark plug is a device that is powered through the ignition system to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder. It has electrodes that are parted from every different which permit a excessive voltage to flow through it. These electrodes are made of steel shell and an insulator. The central electrode is connected to the supply of the ignition coil and an outer metallic shell. It’s grounded insulating them.


A capacitor is also a component in the magneto ignition system. it’s just like the conventional electrical capacitor with two metal plates separated by an insulating material with a distance. Air is commonly used as insulating material on this system, but to reach a particular technical requirement, a high-quality insulating material is employed. The function of this capacitor is to store charge.


The cam is attached to the north and south magnet.

Contact breaker

This contact breaker is regulated via way of means of the cam, which lets in present day to flow thru the capacitor and charges it while the breaker is open.

Ignition switch

The ignition switch help to start and off the automobile ignition system. it controls and set the parallel of the capacitor due to the fact it enables to save you harm of an excessive amount of air.


  1. Here is the partial listing of the applications of engines equipped with a magneto ignition system.
  2. Tractors, Oil Burners, and Outboard Motors
  3. Trucks and Cement Mixers
  4. Buses
  5. Airplane Engines
  6. Power Units, Marine Engines and Natural Gas Engines


Below are the advantages of magneto ignition system in its various applications:

  • Less maintenance is required compared to the battery ignition system.
  • Less value because the battery isn’t always used.
  • Efficient running because of high-intensity spark.
  • The electric circuit is generated via way of means of the magneto.
  • It occupies much less space.
  • Since the battery isn’t always used, there are no troubles with battery discharge or battery error.


  • It has a starting problem due to the low rotating speed at the starting of the engine.
  • It is more expensive when compared to a battery ignition system.
  • There is a possibility of misfire due to leakage because the variation of voltage in the wiring can occur.


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