Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in World

Most Popular Luxury Car Brands in World

The best luxury car brands within the world may be a reliable predictor of future sales and therefore the trends that are shaping the worldwide industry. Every luxury car brand on our list commands significant customer attention and drives meaningful conversations on social media. they’re at the forefront of what matters to affluent consumers.

The global luxury car industry may be a growing market, projected to succeed in $665 billion by 2027. While German car manufacturers dominate the highest of our list with BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, the us are fast catching up with Tesla. Japan only has one brand within the top 15 with Lexus, the premium offshoot of Toyota. the remainder of our ranking is filled by other European brands from Sweden (Volvo), Italy (Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Maserati), the uk (Land Rover and Jaguar), and France (Bugatti).


BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is that the hottest luxury automobile brand online, taking a 22.8% share of the search interest in 2021 with a variety of news-worthy moves that have consistently kept it in conversation. The brand’s shift to luxury electric vehicles has certainly helped to drive attention, especially with the announcement of BMW’s New Class electric-focused platform, which arrives in 2025. m

The German luxury car brand is additionally keeping its name at the forefront of the industry with the arrival of its highly anticipated BMW M3 and M4 also because the upcoming fully-electric iX model. The brand’s electric motors are rumored to rival Tesla. And, as always, the brand’s ever-evolving tech contributes towards its consistent market share. By 2023, BMW expects to almost double its number of all-electric and plug-in hybrid models to 25.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

It was in 1904 that Roll Royce started building cars. Created by Charles-Royce who died in 1910, the brand of the brand “RR” will pass from red to black.

It is in 1914 that the corporate converted to the manufacture of aircraft engines, particularly for the primary and second world wars. Nationalized in 1971, Rolls Royce finally divided into two entities, the automotive division under the name Rolls Royce Motors and therefore the aerospace division, Rolls Royce plc.

Unlike many of the brands mentioned above, Rolls Royce only offers SUVs and other luxury car and no sports cars. In 2016 the Rolls Royce Culinary is launched for 344,000 euros, making it the foremost expensive SUV within the world well before the Bentley Bentyaga (217,800 euros). You can also invest during a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III, a collector’s model for a few 200,000 Euros!


The luxury automotive division of The Daimler Group, Mercedes-Benz takes the second spot on our list of the foremost popular luxury car brands online and is that the most precious luxury automotive brand in 2021.
Redefining new-age luxury with a variety of battery-powered super cars, Mercedes-Benz has kept its position on the brink of the highest because of its consistent attention to detail and never-faltering breakneck technology speeds.

Mercedes-Benz’s EQ battery-electric car lineup has been subject of attention for the last three years, with a specific focus over the last 12 months because of the lineup’s approaching release. It’s set to be the primary model supported the German automaker’s dedicated Electric Vehicle Architecture, fusing style and substance within the way that only Mercedes-Benz knows how. The brand’s push to feature more EV production facilities across the US leads us to anticipate big things within the coming future.


Welcome to the highest three, one among the simplest luxury car brands.

Ferrari, probably the foremost popular and recognized car brand within the world. Scuderia Ferrari was founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. Enzo was himself a racer for Alpha Romeo when he decided to launch the Scudded Ferrari. The logo comes from the mother of Francesco Baracca, an Italian aviation pilot who had painted a prancing horse on his cabin.

While the Avio Constructionist 815 produced in 1940, which remained within the shadow of the Second war , still participates today in classic car races. In 1947, the legendary Ferrari 125 was built and won the 1947 Rome Grand Prix.

Michael Schumpeter put tons of emphasis on the brand during his 10 years of driving in Formula 1 between 1996 and 2006 where he won 72 victories and 5 world titles. Have a glance at our blog about the highest 5 Formula 1 circuits for more information! You can purchase a replacement Ferrari Portfolio for a few 200k euros, with prices climbing to 1.6 million for the Ferrari Monza.


Tesla’s cult-like following ensures it sticks around in conversations year after year and, as of 2021, it’s favorite in online popularity within the U.S. market. Founded in July 2003, Tesla remains the very best valued carmaker within the world and its rising stock prices, because of the brand’s “home run” of sales within the half-moon of 2021, promise a positive outlook overall. Tesla produced 180,338 vehicles within the half-moon of 2021 alone through its global production expansion across China and Europe.

CEO Elon Musk has also, as always, done his bit to stay Tesla not only fashionable industry experts but also with the broader public, because of variety of viral social media posts. Mostly recently he garnered attention for announcing 10,000 new jobs in Texas, no college degree or completed high school education necessary.


A top 10 for luxury car brands has got to involve a Lamborghini! Did you hear thunderstorms when the skies were clear? Look no further, it’s probably a Lamborghini Aventador just round the corner!

Lamborghini was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. Initially specializing within the construction of tractors in post-war Italy, Ferrucio Lamborghini made his fortune within the space of 10 years.

The Lamborghini group then devoted itself exclusively to the development of prestigious sports cars. In 1998 the Volkswagen group will take over Lamborghini. In spite of an absence from the competitive scene, the 350 GT and Huracan models managed to face alongside exceptional cars. For 180k euros you’ll have the likelihood to travel to figure during a Lamborghini Huracan, for an Aventador you’ll need to pay quite 340 K euros !


“Tech-laden” is that the best thanks to sum up Lexus’ year within the industry . While the brand hasn’t quite reached the highest when it involves market share and a spotlight , that’s something it’s fighting to vary before 2025. the revealing of the LF-Z Electrified suggests big things are coming, along side Lexus’ decide to introduce 20 new or redesigned vehicles globally within the next four years.

Toyota’s luxury division also hopes to convert the market with a replacement range of supercar-esque features, like prominent character lines, slim LED lights and performance to match. Lexus has seen a robust start to 2021, with growing market share within the UAE region and therefore the global attention to match.


Automobiles Ettore Bugatti was a French automobile manufacturer founded in 1909 in Molsheim, Alsace. The cars were rated for his or her beauty and performance on the racetrack. The Bugatti cars that made history were the sort 30 Grand Prix , the sort 41 Royale, the sort 57 Atlantique and therefore the Type 55 sports car.

After Ettore Bugatti’s death in 1947, the brand went bankrupt, but was replace on target in 1950 by an Italian entrepreneur. Today the brand is owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Do you want to show heads once you drive through the town centre? This car is formed for you! it’ll be very difficult to seek out a Bugatti Veyron for fewer than 1 million euros and therefore the Chiron will cost you 2.5 million but will provide you with no but 1,500 horsepower needless to say acceleration.


Stylish carmaker Jaguar has quite justified its online position over the last 12 months, with an ever-growing list of announcements and releases keeping it in international conversations. Contactless ‘predictive touch’ touchscreens, virus-fighting technology across the broader brand and therefore the launch of the Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV in India were just a few of the most important Jaguar-related stories making waves recently.

News of the 2021 F-Type; a smoother, sleeker beast with incredible top speeds of 275 km/h and classy interiors has impressed Jaguar fans worldwide. Jaguar also introduced its new EV racer , the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV, leading social conversations within the online world for both physical and virtual cars.


Italian car maker focuses on luxury sports and racing cars. The brand was founded by the Maserati brothers in 1914, its logo may be a trident which is inspired by the Neptune fountain within the city of Bologna. Several times bought then sold (notably by Citroën in 1968) Maserati had a cooperation with Chrysler before being definitively appropriated by Fiat.

In order to be ready to enjoy the standard of Italian sports cars, you’ll still need to pay nearly 100k euros for a second user car.


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