How to Prepare Your Car to be Towed

Preparing to tow

Here you can get How to Prepare Your Car to be Towed, towing service, Towing weights and How to prepare to tow your car yourself etc.

Having your car towed can desire a serious endeavor. While it’s going to not be something you’re looking forward to, having your car towed isn’t actually a big deal. the method of having your car towed doesn’t got to be daunting in the least. That said, there are a couple of things that you got to do before having your vehicle towed. this stuff change counting on whether you’re towing the car yourself, or having a towing service move your vehicle for you, but they’re vital either way.

How to prepare your car to be towed by a towing service

If you’re having your car towed, chances are you’re having it done by a towing service. It’s far more common to possess your vehicle towed by another company, because it’s simply much easier.

Step 1: Remove your personal items. Before arranging a towing service, remove all of the precious items from your vehicle. Towing services usually don’t have protection for any personal items in your vehicle, so you would like to limit how much value is stored in your car. The last item you would like when having your car towed is to lose thousands of dollars’ worth of private items with no protection.

Step 2: Find a reputable service. While it’s tempting to easily call up the most cost effective service, there could also be a reason why they’re so cheap.

Do some research online, or contact your automobile insurance provider and ask them for a recommendation. Your vehicle may be a valuable commodity, so you don’t want to require any chances.

Step 3: Take photos. While you await the towing service to arrive, take pictures of your vehicle. Most towing companies are great about keeping your car in good shape.

However, occasionally a company may damage your vehicle when towing it, and you would like proof that the damage wasn’t there before the towing.

How to prepare to tow your car yourself

If you’re towing your vehicle an extended distance, like once you move, you’ll find yourself towing it yourself.

Step 1: Get the proper equipment. the foremost important thing to try to to when towing your own vehicle is to take a position in quality equipment. There are many different options for towing a vehicle, from trailers, to tow dollies, to tow bars.

Find equipment that won’t damage your vehicle, and can keep your car safe. the simplest thanks to do that is to try to to some research online, or pick the brain of a customer service representative at a store that sells towing equipment.

Step 2: Wire the brake lights. Rig a lighting system onto your vehicle, in order that once you brake, brake lights are shown on the car being towed. you’ll do that by wiring the brake lights on the towed vehicle, or by purchasing towing lights.

Step 3: Remove valuables. even as when somebody else is towing your vehicle, you’ll want to get rid of the precious from your car. It’s always easier to steal from a car that’s being towed, so this is often a critical a part of having your car towed.

Step 4: Don’t engage the hand brake. Finally, confirm to go away the hand brake disengaged, in order that the wheels can spin when your vehicle is being towed. If the hand brake is engaged, your car will drag, which may cause serious damage.

Whether you’re having knowledgeable towing system tow your car, or doing it yourself, preparing your car to be towed is not any big deal in the least. Follow these basic tricks and tips, and you’ll be quite set to possess your car towed.

Towing weights

Some of these regulations concern the unladen weight of your car, therefore the very first thing you would like to try to to is to seek out this out. It should tend in your car handbook, but if not the car maker are going to be ready to supply you with the figure.

You also got to know the entire weight of the caravan or trailer and cargo , and also whether the caravan or trailer has its own braking system. If you’re towing a trailer that doesn’t have its own brakes, the unladen weight of your car alone must be at least twice as much because the weight of the trailer and load combined.

The entire weight of an unbraked trailer and load must not, in any case, exceed 750kg. this is intended to form sure that the car’s own brakes are capable of stopping both the car and therefore the trailer. If you’ve got an unbraked trailer, you want to make sure that its maximum gross weight is shown in kilo-grammes on the side of the trailer where it’s easily read. You’ll buy stickers in an accessory shop.

Trailer brakes

If the caravan or trailer weighs quite 750kg when laden, it’s to possess its own braking system. The system must include brakes to slow the trailer in ordinary running, together with a parking brake.

You don’t need to link the trailer’s brakes with the towing vehicle’s brakes unless the trailer weighs quite 3500kg. Trailers under this weight can have overrun brakes which come on automatically when the car slows down against the trailer’s momentum.


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