How to make driving Comfortable

How to make driving Comfortable

Here you can get Driving Comfortable and Driving Position. Here we provide Seating position, Steering wheel and Backrest angle etc.

When driving in your car, you’ll concentrate fully only if you’re correctly positioned, well located and at the right distance from the controls. a standard mistake, especially among new drivers, is to sit too close to the wheel in what’s termed the ‘sit up and beg’ position – so named because also as having the elbows bent, the driver’s wrists even have to be bent.

Seating position

The ideal seating position is with the arms almost straight and therefore the hands holding on the wheel rim at ‘ten-to-two’. except for people with long arms, this will mean having to maneuver the seat back thus far that the feet can scarcely reach the pedals. Some cars have adjustable steering columns which may bring the wheel closer, otherwise you can change the wheel to bring the rim closer (see sideline overleaf).

Being the right distance from the pedals is also important for comfortable, relaxed driving. It should be possible to regulate the seat in order that your legs are extended, without having them so straight that you simply can’t push the clutch to the ground without stretching. latest car seats offer fore and aft adjustment for this, plus an adjustable backrest angle and sometimes height adjustment too.

Make the driver’s seat more supportive

  • Utilize built-in lumbar support (if available). If your vehicle has built-in power lumbar support, don’t forget to use it. Start with the lumbar support at a coffee level, and increase support as driving time lengthens.
  • look for added neck support. Your neck is one often overlooked pain during driving, and a number of other neck support pillows and products are available to assist support your head and reduce pain while driving. Fully adjust your headrest, if possible, for max comfort and if additional support is required consider trying to find a neck pillow or support that’s vehicle approved.
  • Add lumbar support. If your vehicle doesn’t accompany adjustable lumbar support, or doesn’t provide enough support, consider purchasing a further lumbar support or cushion for your back. These are available several varieties and may provide additional cushion to stay you sitting up straight without a curve to your back.

Steering wheel

Some cars have a wheel that adjusts for rake and reach. This offers drivers a far better shot at finding their ideal driving position. When adjusting the steering rake (up and down movement) choose an edge that permits you to look at the instrument cluster without being obstructed by the wheel. Avoid placing the steering too low, as it may interfere together with your knees during sharp turns, while placing it too high will cause stress on your shoulders. While comfortably seated, adjust the reach so on place your wrists on the highest of the wheel with ease.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Ready to Hit the Open Road

It’s getting to be awfully hard for you to urge comfortable in your vehicle once you drive for work if you’re constantly getting into and out of it to see on one aspect of it or another. If you’re always jumping out of your car to pop the hood or kick the tires, it’s getting to end in your body breaking down on you.

It’s also getting to frustrate you beyond belief. Who wants to spend all day trying to urge a vehicle to figure the way it’s supposed to?

It’s why it is so important for you to try to to the right maintenance on your vehicle and to examine it before you start driving in it for the day. It’ll assist you steer beyond having to tug over all the time to require care of problems that pop up.


Finally, remember that airflow is required through the car in the least times, otherwise the build-up of stale air will make the occupants, including the driving force , drowsy.

Backrest angle

The angle of your backrest is one among the foremost basic adjustments and is very hooked in to your personal preference. the perfect angle of recline is somewhere between 100-110 degrees (this zone puts less pressure on your back). An upright angle can cause discomfort early into the drive, while a more laid-back recline angle can hamper your visibility while driving.

Get Into the Habit of Staying Hydrated While You Drive

According to a recent survey, about 80% of americans admit to not drinking enough water. This has led to a large percentage of the population suffering from chronic dehydration.

Some of the symptoms of dehydration are:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus
  • Constipation
  • Dry skin

All of those symptoms are getting to affect your comfort level once you drive a vehicle all day for work. you ought to , therefore, make every effort to avoid them by drinking enough water to stay your hydration levels up. You might need to steer to use the restroom a touch more often once you do that . But it’ll be worthwhile within the end. It’ll give your body the water that it must function, and it will also force you to require more breaks from driving.


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