Electromagnetic Clutch

Here is the complete guide about Electromagnetic Clutch. Here we provide Electromagnetic Clutch working, Advantages and disadvantages, etc.



What is a Clutch?

Clutch place an important role in transmitting power between the engine and the gearbox. It is used to change the gear to increase or decrease the speed of an automobile. Clutch is used to disengage the engine and gearbox to change the gear.



Electromagnetic Clutch

An electromagnetic clutch is a clutch that is engaged and disengaged by an electromagnetic actuator. Electromagnetic clutch works electrically but it transmits torque mechanically. So it is known as the Electromagnetic Clutch. And various clutches modified and designed from electromagnetic clutches.

In the electromagnetic clutch, the flywheel consists of winding. The current is supplied to the winding from battery or dynamo.



Electromagnetic Clutch Working

  • In the initial condition when the engine is off the clutch is disengaged and there will be an air gap between the rotor and hub.
  • When the engine starts the rotor starts rotating which connected with the engine shaft.
  • DC current is supplied into clutch winding with the help of battery supply.
  • DC current converts this winding into electromagnet to attract armature towards it.
  • Armature forces friction plate towards the rotor and make rotate the hub.
  • Therefore hub rotates and the rotor transmits 100% torque during engage position.
  • When the clutch is pressed the battery stops power supply which removes electromagnetic force hence the clutch is disengaged.

At low speeds when the dynamo or battery output is low, the clutch is not firmly engaged. Three springs are also provided on the pressure plate which helps the clutch engaged (Connected) firmly at low speed also.



Advantages of Electromagnetic Clutch

  • It can be used in a remote location.
  • It is used in automatic transmission.
  • Fast and easy to operate



Disadvantages of Electromagnetic Clutch

  • Because energy dissipates as heat in the electromagnetic actuator every time the clutch is engaged, there is a risk of overheating. This is a major limitation.
  • This clutch should operate at less temperature because it is isolating material.
  • Its cost is high.



Electromagnetic Clutch Applications

  • Electromagnetic clutches are used in conveyor drives, Copy machines, and lawnmowers.
  • And also used in packaging machinery, food processing machinery, printing machinery, and factory automation.



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