Distributorless Ignition System (DIS)

Distributorless Ignition System

Here is the complete guide about Distributorless Ignition System (DIS). Here we provide to Distributorless Ignition System (DIS) working principle, Main Components and Application.

The spark plugs are fired directly from the coils. Spark plug timing is controlled by an ignition module and the engine computer. The distributorless ignition system may have one coil per cylinder or one coil for each pair of cylinders.

What Is Distributorless Ignition System (DIS)

Distributorless Ignition System (DIS) is the ignition system in which the distributor of the electronic ignition system is replaced with the number of induction coils i.e. one coil per cylinder or one coil for pair of cylinders, and the timing of the spark is controlled by an Ignition control unit (ICU) and the Engine control unit (ECU), which makes this system more efficient and accurate.

Due to the use of multiple ignition coils that provide direct voltage to the spark plugs. this system is also known as Direct Ignition System (DIS).

Main Components

The components of this ignition system are same to the electronic ignition system, however on this scheme there may be no distributor, the components used are-

1. Battery

The battery is used because the DIS energy residence much like the digital ignition scheme.

2. Ignition Switch

It controls the ignition system’s ON and OFF, in addition to the electronic ignition scheme.

3. Ignition coil and Ignition Control Module

A complete set up of ignition coils and module is used in Distributorless ignition scheme to create the scheme clean and less complex.

  • Ignition coils: Unlike an electronic ignition system that makes use of a single ignition coil to supply excessive voltage, DIS makes use of a quantity of ignition coils, i.e. every coil consistent with spark plug, which generates excessive voltage for every spark plug separately.
  • Ignition Control Module (ICM) or Ignition Control Unit: the programmed training furnished to the chipset is accountable for the ON or OFF surroundings of the number one coil panel,

4.  Magnetic Triggering Devices

These are the systems used to regulate the timing of the spark plug via way of means of detecting the location of both the crankshaft and the camshaft, a magnetic triggering device together with a enamel triggering wheel and a sensor, magnetic triggering instruments used withinside the Distributorless ignition system.

  • Camshaft Triggering Device: Camshaft mounted and used for valve timing monitoring.
  • Crankshaft Triggering Device: installed at the crankshaft to detect the location or stroke of the piston.

5. Spark Plug

It is used in the cylinder to provide spark.

Working of Distributorless Ignition System

  • When the ignition switch is grew to become ON, the current from the battery stats to flow Through the ignition switch to the electrical manipulate unit (Which continues on processing information and calculating timing) of the automobile which is Connected to the ignition module and coils assembly, (which makes and breaks the circuit).
  • The triggering wheels mounted on the camshaft and crankshaft have similarly spaced teethes with one gap, And the position sensors which consists of the magnetic coil. That continuously generates a magnetic subject because the camshaft and crankshaft rotates.
  • When those gaps are available in the front of the location sensors, Fluctuation in the magnetic field occurs and the signals of both the sensors are Sent to the ignition module which in turn senses the signals and the current stops to Flow in the number one winding of the coils. And whilst those gaps pass away from the sensors the alerts of both the sensors are sent to the ignition module which turns ON the modern-day to Flow in the number one winding of the coils.
  • This non-stop make and smash of the alerts generate a magnetic subject in the coils which in flip prompted EMF in the secondary winding of the coils and will increase the voltage as much as 70000 volts.
  • This excessive voltage is then sent to the spark plugs and the generation of sparks takes place.
  • The timing of the spark plugs is controlled by an electronic control unit by Continuously processing the data received from the ignition control module.


  • Nearly all automobiles with 1.8 L, 2.8 L VR6 AND 2.8 L V-6 engines at the highway were the usage of this scheme given that a century now.
  • DIS is used for the first time in Volkswagen Passat’s 2.8 L VR6 engine.
  • This scheme is likewise followed via way of means of a few high-cease bicycles together with Ducati extremely good sports.


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