Car horn not Working and How to fix it?

Adjusting an HF horn

Here you can get Car horn not Working. Here we provide fix a car horn.

Cars are usually fitted with a high-frequency (HF) or windtone horn as standard equipment, normally located behind the front grille. A vibrating diaphragm makes the sound in both types. The diaphragm is moved by an electromagnet and contact breaker, like that of an electric bell.

In an HF horn, a resonator plate is fixed to the diaphragm to amplify the sound. In a windtone, the diaphragm makes air vibrate during a trumpet, giving a lower pitched and more musical sound. The length of the trumpet fixes the pitch. In some cars there’s a pair of wind-tones, tuned to offer two notes. They .are marked for low notes and ‘H’ for top.

A third sort of horn, the air horn , uses a compressor , and is fitted only as an adjunct . it’s a loud and distinctive note and is sold with fitting instructions. Note that an audible alarm may be a legal requirement for all vehicles, and strident horns sounding fluctuating notes are allowed on emergency-service vehicles and police cars only.

Tracing circuit faults

If the horn fails, check whether the fuse is sound (See Checking and replacing fuses ). If it has blown, fit a replacement and check the horn again. If the fuse is sound, or if a replacement fuse blows, there’s a fault within the circuit or the horn itself. Because they’re low down at the front of the car, horns often get wet and dirty, and therefore the connections may rust.

Usually the horn is earthed through its metal body and therefore the mounting bracket. Rust here or in the connections can break contact , and is that the most frequent cause of horn failure. Remove a failed horn and clean it by brushing or wiping – do not immerse it in a liquid. While the horn is removed, check it by connecting it on to the battery. Place the horn with its metal casing (or a terminal if there are two) against the battery negative terminal . Clip a test lead between the other horn terminal and therefore the other battery terminal.

If the horn works, refit it. If not, repair it if possible or replace it. If, however, the horn does not work when refitted, look for other connections which will be loose or broken – especially the horn button or the multiple switch on the steering column. Test that power is reaching the circuit by connecting a test lamp between various points and earth, then pressing the horn button. If there is power, the lamp will light.

If power is reaching the circuit, the fault may be a break in the wiring between the fuse box and therefore the switch. Find the switch input terminal by connecting a test lamp between each of the terminals and earth; the terminal that lights the lamp is that the input terminal. Connect the test lamp between the switch input terminal and earth. If there’s a break within the wiring, it’ll not light. If it lights, the horn-button switch may be faulty. Connect the test lamp between the output side of the switch and earth, and press the switch. If the test lamp does not light, the switch is faulty. Often the horn-button switch forms part of a multiple-function stalk switch on the dashboard or steering column , and the complete switch must be replaced.

Repairing the horn

If the fault is within the horn itself, you’ll be ready to dismantle the horn and find what is wrong. Cleaning the contact breaker might work; or there could be a broken or disconnected wire inside. Horns that are riveted together can’t be dismantled easily, and must be replaced with new ones. Most types can be obtained from garages, accessory shops, or auto-electricians.

Adjusting an HF horn

If you would like to change the sound of the horn, there’s sometimes a slotted adjuster within the centre of the resonator disc at the front. Turn it until you get the sound you would like . do it in a deserted place to avoid causing a nuisance. If there’s a fault within the horn, adjusting the contact breaker is usually the remedy. The adjuster screw is to at least one side on the front or back.

Ask a helper to sound the horn while you unscrew the adjuster. When the sound stops, turn the screw back a quarter turn.

Changing a car horn

Disconnect the battery and the electrical connections to the horn. Unbolt it from its brackets – use a penetrating oil if the bolts are badly corroded. Clean the bracket, bolts and connections, and also the horn itself – unless you’re fitting a new one before reassembling. One way to change the sound of the horn is to fit a second horn with a contrasting note alongside it.

However, the current capacity of the cable feed and switches must be sufficient to carry the extra load. Generally this rules out wiring an extra-powerful or commercial vehicle horn into the existing system. If in doubt, consult a service manual or your local dealer. If you’ll fit an extra horn, mount it either beside the existing one or within the corresponding place on the other side of the car.

How to fix a car horn

These are 5 easy ways of fixing a car horn. You do not require any hi-fi equipment. You might need a plier or a screwdriver to fix a horn.

Check The Fuse box in The Car

The first thing you want to do is to locate the fuse box inside the vehicle. you’ll ask the car manual for the same. Mostly you’ll find the fuse box near the dashboard or near the engine bay of the vehicle. Once you’ve got fuse located ahead of you, open it and check which is that the fuse set for the horn.

Refer to the car manual and the diagram available on the fuse box to locate the respective fuse. Remove the fuse and you will see a small wire inside the fuse. Carefully check whether the wire is there in a good condition or melted. If the wire is melted or broken, you have to change the fuse. If the wire is in good condition, you would like to work out other ways that may need affected the horn.


If the fuse isn’t damaged, subsequent thing you’ve got to see is that the relay. it’s present inside the hood of the vehicle and mostly slightly below the horn. the simplest thanks to check this relay is to exchange it with a new one. If the horn starts working with a replacement relay, then congrats, you’ve got solved the matter . Else, you would like to seek out other reasons which may have resulted within the problem.

Horn Circuit

Another reason for the malfunctioned horn could be improper wiring. Before going for other methods, properly check the wiring of the horn. Horn is typically placed under the hood of the vehicle. you want to check whether any wire is loose or not connected to the horn. If this is often the case, you would like to connect the wire properly to form the horn fully functional again.

Locate and Check The Horn Switch

Locating and checking the horn switch would be a difficult task for a layman. you need to open the front of the wheel and locate the horn switch. Doing all this could be a tricky task, especially putting everything aside back to the wheel . There are times when everything else is fin but the switch is broken. therein case, you would like to vary the switch of the horn to form it functional again.

Check The Horn Of The Vehicle

The last item you’ve got to try to to is check the horn. confirm the horn isn’t damaged or cracked from anywhere. If you’re using the same horn for years, there are chances that the speakers became damaged. therein case, you’ve got to shop for a replacement horn and replace it with the damaged one.

These were ways to repair a automobile horn . However, it’d become a really difficult task for an individual who doesn’t much about cars aside from driving them. therein call our mechanics from GarageOnRoads for immediate assistance.


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