Adjusting an SU carburettor

Unlike other types of carburettor , which have fixed jets , the SU has just one jet, therefore the mixture setting affects the engine throughout its speed range. Some SUs even have exhaust emission-control devices to comply with anti-pollution laws. Adjustment of those is described in Adjusting an emission-control carburettor. Before tuning the carburettor, carry […]

Checking and cleaning a fixed-jet carburettor

Here you can get how to Checking and cleaning a fixed-jet carburettor. Fixed-jet carburettors are easily blocked by small dirt particles and chemical residues from fuel , because some of the jets are very small. Dismantle and clean them about once a year. Jets wear out after a couple of years. In some cases you’ll […]

Checking a Ford VV carburettor

The Ford Variable Venturi carburettor is fitted to several small Fords. It looks like a standard fixed-jet carburettor , and has some features typical of that type, like an accelerator pump. However, its main mechanism is of the constant-depression type – like an SU, but tilted through 90 degrees. Like any carburettor, it can become […]

Checking and cleaning a GM Varajet carburettor

Here you can get Checking and cleaning a GM Varajet carburettor, Checking the needle valve and Adjusting an automatic choke ect. The Varajet carburettor used on many Vauxhalls and Opels is a hybrid between fixed-jet and variable-jet (for example, SU) types. It is as sensitive to dirt and sediment as any fixed-jet carburettor, and needs […]

How to overhaul a Stromberg carburettor

Here you can get How to overhaul a Stromberg carburettor, Removing the dashpot and piston, Adjusting the float and Stromberg CD3 ect. The Stromberg carburettor doesn’t have a daily service schedule, but should be cleaned about once a year. Replace worn parts as necessary. Dirt which has penetrated the filter , and residues from chemicals […]

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