Traffic Rules and Road Safety Tips

Here you can get Traffic Rules and Road Safety Tips. Here we provide Traffic and Road Safety Issues and Best Practices for traffic and road safety etc. Traffic on roads consists of road users including pedestrians, ridden or herded animals, vehicles, streetcars, buses and other conveyances, either singly or together, while using the public way […]

How to overtake a car safely?

Here you can get overtake a car safely. Here we provide Vehicle Overtaking tips, Why and when Overtaking and Overtaking procedure. Overtaking a slower moving vehicle is an essential driving skill one must master. However, it’s also one among the foremost difficult man oeuvres to securely execute. In fact, unplanned and impulsive overtaking man oeuvres […]

Explain to Motorways and Highways

Few drivers seem to possess a good word for motorways these days, moaning about congestion on a number of our more notorious stretches, the tedium of driving on them, and therefore the frequency of roadworks. Yet motorways have allowed motorists to form an extended journey during a time which would have seemed inconceivable 30 years […]

How to Observation for your vehicles

Here you can get Observation for your vehicles. Here we provide Observation of Your eyesight and Selective observation etc. To be an advanced driver you need to become a skilled observer. Good powers of observation, which demand practice and thought, can keep you out of trouble in 90 per cent of all potentially dangerous incidents. […]

How to Safety at the Wheel in Automobiles

Here you can get Safety at the Wheel in Automobiles, Driving position, Safety belts, Mirrors and Other safety equipment. Two aspects of safety at the wheel are covered during this article. First, it’s important to adopt the proper driving position and to form sure that the seat is positioned correctly in relation to steering wheel […]

How to Winter Driving Safety and Equipment

Here you can get Winter Driving and Equipment, Improving tyre grip, Driving in fog, Problems of freezing and Reading the road ect. Although British winters are mild for many of the time, a chilly snap always makes roads treacherous and catches many motorists by surprise. It’s important that a driver knows the way to cope […]

Advanced Gearshifts and Using manual,automatic gearbox

Here you can get Advanced Gearshifts and Using manual,automatic gearbox, Definition of gearshift and Advantages. Skilled drivers skills to urge the foremost from their cars when circumstances demand it, and an essential part of this ability is knowing the way to make the best use of your car’s gear box. it’s not enough to know […]

How to Properly Towing a Vehicles

So many drivers tow trailers of one kind or another platforms for boats, horses or racing cars, also as caravans — that the Institute of Advanced Motorists operates a special towing test. Only existing members who have already passed the advanced test in a car or commercial vehicle are eligible. the basic points to remember […]

A State of Mind and Three driving ‘States of Mind’

The state of mind we are in while driving can make a tremendous difference in how safe we are on the road. Understanding how we are thinking or reacting can help us avoid some very negative motoring experiences. While driving, we will migrate into the “child”, “parent” or “adult” states of mind. being able to […]

Automobile Tyre Classification and Nomenclature

Here you can get Automobile Tyre Classification and Nomenclature. Here we provide Manufacturing Process and Tyre Components ect. Tyre is a strong, flexible rubber casing attached to the rim of a wheel. Tires provide a gripping surface for traction and serve as a cushion for the wheels of a moving vehicle. Tires are found on […]

What Is the Acceleration Principle and Economy

There is a great deal more to using a car’s power than meets the attention. A car shouldn’t be driven hard or its performance abused, but power used wisely, within the right place at the proper time, are often the safest course of action. When confronted with a hazard, it are often preferable to accelerate […]

Car Accident and Common Causes of Car Accidents

Here you can get What is a Car Accident, Common Causes of Car Accidents, What to Do After a Car Accident and Penalties for Car Accidents ect. Noun. A collision that occurs when a vehicle collides with another vehicle, a stationary object, a pedestrian, or an animal. A car accident takes place when a car, […]

Driving in Fog and How to Clear Fog from Windshield

Here you can get Driving in Fog Safely and Clear Fog from Windshield. While fog occurs most frequently during the winter, it should be treated as a hazard which may be encountered at any time of year. The weather are often misty even in summer, and sea fog is usually a possibility on a coastal […]

Road junction and Design Principles,Types of Junctions

Here you can get Road junction, Design Principles and Types of Junctions. A junction is defined because the general area where two or more roads join or cross. The importance of design of a junction stems from the very fact that efficiency of operation, safety, speed, cost of operation and capacity are directly governed by […]

How to Planning Driving Abroad

Twenty-five years ago it was considered quite adventurous for a British driver to require his car on holiday on the continent, but nowadays over a 3rd of Britain’s motorists have experienced the pleasures of driving abroad. If you retain off the busy trunk roads, autoroutes, autostradas and autobahns, you’ll follow quiet highways which carry much […]

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